Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WOW...some one sucks at blogging now that its not an assignment

K, so now that i don't blog anymore cuz i HAVE too, i realize it's hard for me to get into blogging cuz i WANT too...haha soooo i therefore will try to sum up my life as best as i can and hopefully will be better at blogging from here on out...

I am in this club called Best Buddies at BYU. I am paired up with a person who has down syndrome and basically just hang out with them all the time :) it's been a REALLY good experience for me and i have learned sooo much through hanging out with Nancy. She has taught me love, kindness, and patience, but most importantly, has become one of my closest friends to the point where we can talk and talk. Recently we attended the Best Buddies walk-a-thon where she slept over at my house in ogden so we could get to it early since it was held in Kaysville. Ya, we are hard core..."Put yo stunna shades on..."

I attended the HOLI: Festival of Colors... I have missed this freshman year and last year... I WAS NOT GUNNA MISS IT AGAIN! Even though i was starting to become deathly ill...i HAD to go. And it was sooooo worth it! I got rocked for sure...it was amazing...I did however wanna pass out as soon the clock was striking 7 pm. Not only was i feeling sick but I have been wanting to go pee since the moment we got to that place at 5. I even tried standing in line for like 30 min to get into a freakin portapoty... Didnt work out. SO we left, sick and bladder full and i finally made it back, got to pee, took niquil, and was gunna call it a night but i ended up going out...You might be saying to your self, " Uhh stupid move there." And my answer is yeaaaa...i was sick for about a week after that. hahaha

I was able to attend conference on SAT with my lovely roomates and friends. It was great! AND what was even better is that we got to see our gorgeously beautiful roomate Meagan serving her lil heart out. She is an outstanding missionary. And sunday... can I just say how much I LOVED Elder Holland's talk?? I was absolutely fascinated with his talk and i got some questions answered i have always wanted to know...DONT FORSAKE THE LORD, he has and never will forsake you! (spiritual boost for all ya'lls)

I SHOT GUNS!!! I have to admit, i was waaaay scared going to the shooting range, let alone with our ward..haha...it's only cuz i have an absolute fear of any kind of weapon. Seriously, just seeing an actual weapon, i start shaking a little. I dunno. So i was really nervous holding a gun for the first time and shooting, but turns out! I HAD SO MUCH FUN! I felt kinda cool? haha. The shot gun was my favorite...only cuz it kicked back alot and i actually shot a disc that was flown into the air. Yes, yours truly hit one. Crazy huh? If you would like to see the footage, hit up my facebook or dani's blog. I guess i scream alot. haha Anyways, moral of the story, guns are cool, when Dave Taggart is around...

Here's just some random things I have liked with in the past few days with my roomate dani now that i am all caught up. 1) I like watching weird shows and listening to a creepy scary story with dani 2) I like running errands with her, especially when i needed to rent three baseball movies and they each had to come from THREE different blockbuster stores 3) I like coming up with a music video to Get Silly with her and then watching what moves she will do to the song, mind you, in a clown suit 3)Figuring out slang in rap songs...and then realizing that it wasn't such a good idea 4) While reading a letter from my best friend in the mission field, dani has her own photo shoot with my camera and lastly 5) when dani reads to me while she is in the bathtub, but it gets better...she was reading in a British accent (literally happened 4 min ago.)

So what have i learned so far from life?? Do service with others, Don't push your body to far, even though it may be worth it, Go to and listen to General Conference cuz the Lord will bless you in some way, Guns are cool, and I am lucky to have a great roomate and friend like dani cuz life is always entertaining with her :)


  1. i love best buddies,
    i love festival of colors,
    i love maegan olsen,
    i love guns,
    i love me.
    You covered the basics. Job well done Nat Cat!

  2. Nat, I'm jumpin on that best buddies bandwagon next year, a friend suggested it to me this year, i just never did it!

    and i loved reading your blog, I'm so excited you're a blogger

    props on doing the blog for the assignment, if it was me, I'd have the harder time writing when it WAS an assignment, than not