Monday, April 13, 2009

Queen of Halloween

If you don't know me very well, you might think i am a bit creepy...then again, if you know me you already do think i am creepy. If you didn't notice in my collage of pics of me, i have some halloween costume pics up there. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I celebrate it when it hits October 1st and its a month long event. Scary movies, scary stories, haunted houses, the works. And even after halloween, you can still find me always up for for a good scare anytime of the year. And if there are any creepy songs, i will like it...Anyone heard of the song "Miss You" by Blink 182? Best love/creepy song ever! The reason why i bring this up is because last saturday, me and my beautfiul friends went and saw know, the creepy girl movie made by Tim Burton's producers? (Tim Burton has also done Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hallow, ALL which are some of my favs.) I LOVED IT! i have to admit, i wish there was more creepiness in it. I mean it took like freakin over a half an hour to get creepy at all! Well, my friend sara mentioned the Coraline website to me that night and guess what i did for an hour? Yes, i wasted that time (wait, nothing is wasted when you are doing something for the good of creepiness) I usefully spent my time downloading pics of me and adding buttons to my eyes. As i wanted to be creepier with my pics, i started digging up old halloween pictures of myself. It was great fun! The background music of the website was even better...muahahaha...too far?? lol ok. So ya, here's my many pics...Sorry if none of you want to be my friend anymore...but halloween will never leave my side. its a part of me, so accept it!

So what have i learned? Don't ever trust a person who looks like your mom or dad with buttons on their eyes... they are actually very ugly people and will try to sew on buttons over your eyes and trap you forever till you die...maybe even eat you...

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  1. Natalie. I embrace your creepy side.
    My blog entry about Coroline however will be very different...