Saturday, May 30, 2009

Only in a third world country...

So a week ago i got to spend two weeks in Guatemala with 4 high school teachers from Waldon and about 17 high school kids ranging from freshmen to seniors. I had sooo much fun! The real question is what didnt we do in Guatemala! We did everything from trekking for 3 days and 22 miles, hiking/swimming thru a cave with only a candle stick as your light, hiking up an active valcano and seeing lava, jumping off bridges, tubing down rivers, swimming in crystal blue pools, hiking up mayan temples, and zip lining thru the jungle! I think the kids were hoping to scare me from being a teacher but in all reality, we all became close friends and i have never been more excited to teach high school! It was way sad to see the poverty in Guatemala and lets just say i was very happy to get back to AMERICA! God Bless it! AND the ability to be able to flush toilet paper and to not get sick after every meal you eat!! haha but seriously, I learned to really appreciate what i have in life and am sooo gratefuly for the experiences i have been given through this trip and for my new friends as well. Thanks WALDON for letting me come with you!