Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"I'm Good!"

After spending all day studying for my Linguistics test, the last one of this wretched finals week, i proceed to head over to the testing center where i wait in line for an hour and a half before i even get my test. But no worries, it was nice and warm and i got a good tan and study session in. Then as i get my test and find a seat, i realize i need a pencil, and WHALLA! there is a perfectly sharped pencil, laying on the floor next to my desk. Then as i go through my test, i realized i suck at bubbling and practically had more erase marks on there then the actual number of bubbles cuz i kept second guessing my self, but no worries, i got an A on the bubble section. Then as i proceed walking to my car, i saw some people play four squares in the parking lot. Life was good for them folks. And as i finally reached home, done with finals, i proceed to turn on the television and there i saw the funniest commercial ever which completed my day with the saying, "I'm Good!" Just click that to watch it!

So what did i learn? Life is great! School is out! and I'M GOOD!!


  1. Natalie, I laughed sooo hard at that.
    I'm glad your day was so "GOOD"
    You're the sweetest girl ever! LOVE YOU

  2. what linguistics class were you in? are you doing tesol or something, or what was the class for?