Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He said She Said...

Last week in my linguistics class we had to watch a lecture video entitled, "He said, She Said." I am not gunna lie, it was sooooooo interesting and very entertaining. Basically this women studied the differences in language between boys and girls. Here are some things I learned about our species...
  • Women like to do a thing called "trouble talking." For some reason girls, we like to always talk to eachother about our problems, and when we don't have problems, then we bring up other peoples problems. As for men, they really could care less about other peoples problems so if we start to talk about others peoples problems to them, they will most likely zone out or won't know what to say.
  • Women like to be the same and men like to compete. When women talk about something to eachother, we try to mention things that will make us equal so we can feel accepted. Men on the other hand will always try to one up the next person. When in a relationship, be careful men to try not to always one up your lover. lol
  • Women like to take into account other peoples feelings before their own and likes to discuss things while men just say more or less what they feel. For example, you are driving a long and the woman asks the man, "Are you thirsty?" and he says, "No." and thats it. Well then the women gets upset because she is thirsty and wants to pull over but he didn't ask her how she felt. Then the man goes, "Why couldnt you just say you were thirsty?" And it's because women like to take into account every one's feelings and men just answer the question that is asked.
Hope this helps at all to anyone who is trying to understand the opposite sex! haha


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  2. Nat Cat.
    Thank you for helping me understand boys better in this. Hopefully I can get married now.